Can You Restore Data Deleted by a Virus?

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Never know when and where you can catch a vicious virus that will infect the whole computer. Some of them may not only harm your system, but also delete important data. How to prevent virus infection? What must be done to restore the data if the virus still damaged your computer? Read on to learn the answer to these questions.

How to Neutralize a Virus and Save Your Data

First and foremost, you should install trusted anti-virus software. By doing so, you will significantly reduce the risks of system infections. If the software finds a suspicious file that can possibly damage the data, it will pop up a warning and suggest one of the following: cure this file, delete or place it into a quarantine. At the first glance, the solution is obvious - just cure the infected file. However, that doesn’t always work. When it fails, most of us will choose the delete option. And here we go - some of our files got corrupted and deleted too.

The thing is, while searching for the threats, the antivirus can mark other files suspicious as well. As a result, they will be wiped out together with the virus once you hit the delete button. Sometimes, the deleted data may not be dangerous at all: the files can get onto the blacklist because of the system or registry errors.

So, if the antivirus has found a threat, first try sorting out the situation, and only then take the real measures. The best way is to place the suspicious file into the quarantine. From there, it won’t be able to affect any data. This will prevent the infection from spreading further. Later you can get that file back from the quarantine if it turns out to be safe.

Recover Deleted Files with Ease

If some file was deleted or damaged, you can try restoring it with a good file recovery program. Some of them work with photos only, some - only with texts and documents. But what if you lost a bunch of completely different files? Try Phoenix File Rescue then, this program will find all your deleted files no matter the format and size. What’s more, it supports a variety of devices, like computers, flash drives, SD cards, cameras, tablets and others.

So if you need to urgently restore data deleted by a virus, just download Phoenix File Rescue right now and start recovering your files!

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